Saturday, 9 May 2015

My generation is in a hurry.
We want everything now now now !
We want it to happen fast and right away or we'll make it happen
We want the glory, without the story....
We want to be stars, without the scars of discipline
We want the prize, without paying the price
We want the limelight without the wilderness experience
We want thrills and frills, with no substance
We want to be eulogized without being circumcised.
We are controlled by what we see and feel than the voice of the Spirit and the WORD
We want big platforms to perform, without first being transformed
We want huge success without going through the process
We want prosperity, with no posterity
We want to shine without being refined.
I have news for you. Things don't just happen. There is something called the path of life. A way of glory. You can only achieve great success if you spend more time with God and pay serious attention to HIS voice and directions.

Words of wisdom: My Generation by Agbani Darego (Nigeria)


  1. for celebrities is always interesting to watch, especially if they somehow make it possible to amuse or to disappoint his fans - The main thing in this case is not to overdo it as you think? I think you need to keep yourself in their hands in any situation.

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