Monday, 28 April 2014

Ansasesem Sikasem: Ghana’s Economy Threatened......

USD 1.7 Billion Investment into Ghana’ Economy Threatened
Dated: April 2014

The management of Royal Africa Holdings, Ghana, owners of Palm Grove City, a USD 1.7 billion city project in pram pram and several other projects in Ghana, are concerned about the activities of some unscrupulous Ghanaians which have the potential of undermining the investment opportunities and benefits associated with Royal Africa Holdings interests in Ghana.

It is becoming a trend where some Ghanaians who through one way or the other have been fortunate to meet the chairman of Royal African Holdings, HRH Prince Ebrahim try to defraud him of various sums of money running into thousands of dollars. HRH Prince Ebrahim is a kind hearted man and doesn’t hesitate to offer business opportunities to individuals he comes into contact with.

There is enough evidence to support this claim where HRH Prince Ebrahim has identify indigenous artisans operating on a very small scale and invited them to his office for joint venture process to be initiated for capital injection  into their operation. This kind gesture of HRH has become a regular feature at Royal Africa House.

One Mr Boafo, who claims to be the father in law of black star footballer Dominic Adiyah has dupe the chairman of our company, Royal Africa Holdings, His Royal Highness Prince Ebrahim by presenting himself as the manager of a property near trassaco owned by Dominic Adiyah.

In agreement, HRH Prince Ebrahim paid Mr boafo an initial deposit for a contract to be prepared for the leasing of the property. For over three months Mr Ben Boafo has been given flimsy excuses to HRH Prince Ebrahim for his failure to provide a contract and hand over the keys to the property.

For over three months, each and every day was a promise and fail episode on the part of Mr. Boafo
At a point, it was agreed between the parties that Mr Boafo returns the money but he later communicated that the money has been sent to Ghanaian footballer Dominic Adiyah at his base overseas. There were moments of recorded phone conversations where Mr. Boafo mentioning Dominic has promised to send the money at a certain date but the date comes only for him to give another excuse.

After running out of luck, Mr Boafo reported to the adabraka police that he had been threatened by HRH Prince Ebrahim, which was later established by the police to be absolutely false. After statements were taken it was clear that Mr Boafo had not been honest in his dealings with HRH Prince Ebrahim. Inspector Ben, CID Ghana Police confirm their frustration with Mr Boafo unreliability and dishonesty where on several occasions has assured to police of refunding the money but always fails to honor his promise.

Negotiations calling for full repayment of said sum of money was brokered by Staff Officer Eric and Present was Inspector Ben of CID at Accra Central Police Station (Adabraka), as well as Mr Baofo and HRH Prince Ebrahim present that monies will be return within 4 weeks. It has been 3 months now nothing has been done. Despite various promises on dates, payment is simply not coming. The police all along acknowledge the wrongs of Mr Baofo and his inconsistent failures; however fell short to bring him to books.

The question that begs everyone is, why didn’t Ghana Police Arrest and Charge Mr Baofo? Is he above the Law? Is someone protecting him? The failure of the Adabraka Police to arrest Mr Boafo for defrauding and also deceit of public office is something of concern to us, tantamount to blatant miscarriage of Justice. Mr Boafo has made complete mockery of the Ghana’s Legal System and Law enforcement; thus put himself above the law.

Therefore the indispensable duty of the police should be to ensure that justice is done and be seen to be done. We see no reason why Mr Boafo shouldn’t have been arrested, charged and brought to books forthwith. Henceforth, we the management and staff of Royal Africa Holdings in Accra which constitute 100 percent Ghanaians are becoming increasingly worried about this unfortunate situation which is frustrating our investors.

For us at Royal Africa Holdings it is not the issue of amount of money involved but principle. If the Legal system is protecting petty criminals on petty sums of money, what happens when millions are dishonestly taken from our investors? The law must not harbour or protect criminals who prey on innocent investors especially one that is investing USD 1.7 billion into Ghana’s economy.

If the laws of the land cannot protect and safeguard investor’s funds then clearly the quest of the government to achieve economic development is farfetched. We are very Concern about Police inaction; example must be set from the bottom up.

Meanwhile, the management has called for an extra-ordinary meeting at Royal Africa Holdings office in Accra slated for Monday 28th April 2014 to conclude appropriate measures in fully addressing aforementioned teething matter.
Corporate Affairs Office
Royal Africa Holdings


Paulina says: You couldn't make this up -even if you wanted to....... Its incredible the goings on in our 'better Ghana' -no?



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  2. We have to take a good look at ourselves again. We always complain about having bad leaders and corrupt politicians but it extends further than that. The police and legal system that is supposed to serve as a counterbalance often allows the corrupt networks to persist. How can we have a brighter future and better Ghana, if the youth will have to learn to work in the system in order to merely survive?