Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Luxe: Emefa Jewellery -Accra, Ghana…

The Emefa Jewellery’s building in Accra..

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I feel that once a young lady hits 21 years of age, -she must start investing in or treating herself to *real things* -and at the top of this list -is real silver then gold jewellery. Because a box full of custom jewellery is a box full of custom jewellery -and a whole load of junk -as far as I’m concerned….

So, I was doing research for a piece I’m writing about and for Ghanaian dancehall queen Kaakie -and happily stumbled upon Emefa Jewellery and I couldn’t believe it -a real, professional silver and goldsmiths based in Accra, Ghana… what’s not to love.

Note, I’ve visited many facebook sites promoting stuff/ businesses in Ghana -and you can always tell when they’re not really whom they say they are… -with obvious copied and pasted images from big name brands all over their spaces -and them trying to pass them off as their own, -so one has to be very careful, thus, I usually phone said businesses (if you are doing the same, which I urge you to always do first -call businesses in Ghana after 11 am only…they are usually at their best then)….

Anyway, Emefa Jewellery is the real deal!!! They design and produce their own precious jewellery -and have numerous fans including Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson and Ghana‘s chichi Lebanese community…

Their designs be it wedding rings/bands, bracelets or traditional beaded pieces -all have a clean, contemporary feel and I love that….

For more information about Emefa Jewellery visit:
P.s I've chosen their most beautiful model and their most polished images but -I’d love to see Emefa Jewellery do a big ad/promotional jewellery shoot with real models, professional MUA’s, hairstylists and photographers, -so that [we potential] clients can really see their beautiful creations for what they are, -exquisite and out of this world…. xoxoxo

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