Friday, 28 October 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah is Fashion Adore…….if you’re not watching her -your missing out!!!

“ I am a fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:14) being who is a FASHION: Designer/Stylist/Blogger/Student. I have this great love for everything fashionable and beautiful. Hope I become an inspirational and a great help to everyone.” Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah

(please watch via YouTube to get links to all the other bloggers seen in the clip)…

Honest to goodness, if I had a daughter, I’m sure my Facebook friend Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah would be it, (she does.... funny enough ....have the same beautiful face as my sister Phyllis). Beautiful and just the cutest -on earth, Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah (she will marry well ooOOO), is a must watch. Of-the-moment, this fashionista is of her generation (I sooo can’t get my size 20, I’m an American 18 -people!!! -into manmade fibres or Primark), -and knows what they want, -unlike me who only gives people what they need, cashmere jumpers and silk shirts (laughter)… I would love to see this gorgeous young lady with her own TV show but in the mean time -check out all her yummy offerings at:

Support her and subscribe to her channel -and watch all her yummy happenings on YouTube at:

**I believe that Ms Damoah is about to launch her own fashion label -so watch this space…

P.s ..its got me thinking…....if YouTube was happening in my days -I might well be the first lady of Puerto Rico -or Ghana -by noW (laughter) …thus those who know me well .....are thanking the Heavens -for this lucky escape!!


  1. thats my Girl Jennifer ...keep it up

  2. Such a lovely girl!! I got to know her through youtube!! We subscribed to each others channels and now we encourage and support one another :-) I love how youtube allows us ghanaians with the same interests to connect around the world!! Its wonderful!! Go Jennifer!!

  3. OMDZZZZ I havent seen this Abena just told me about it. *screams* Im soo shocked. Thank you sooo much for this post you dont understand how much it means to me. Ill make sure to let you know about my label when my first collection gets done aswell. Once again thank you and God bless. xxx Jennifer