Thursday, 13 October 2011

"BUARI VILLE, Nadia Buari and family to star in a new reality TV show in Ghana…….

I don’t know what to think but uber private Nadia Buari and her family are embarking on a new reality TV show, due to air very soon on Ghana TV -where we get to see her life played out -warts and all. Personally I’m amazed, I guess I was hoping that Nadia’s sister known here as S could be Ghana’s next GIG (Ghanaian ‘it’ girl),… all private, groomed to within an inch of her life, wearing fabulous dark glasses, out shopping and dining and being papped by Black Star magazine’s secret paparazzi on the streets of Accra, -well that was all in my head, -but you know what I mean????? Anyway if this is Nadia Buari’s family’s next move ….then I wish them luck and every success. A big thanks to Ameyaw Debrah ( for sharing this news on YouTube….….

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