Thursday, 7 April 2011

N’kya at Fashion Mist 2011

I’ve spent the last ten or so years in mainstream fashion and only started following the Ghanaian fashion industry, if you can call it that -in 2009 when I started this blog. Spoilt by my time at Elle (I was an intern), Sunday Times Style, TIME and Star magazine et al, -I’m still coming to terms with the Ghanaian industry and their way of doing things. Thus, I must start of this piece about N’kya at Fashion Mist 2011 -by commending Sheila Boateng for all her hard work -and for pulling off Fashion Mist 2011. Sheila Boateng not only choose the perfect location -Hotel Russell, but she choose the right designers and it all came together -beautifully, because I’m sure you are all well aware that it could have gone the other way; and had us all sitting at plastic tables in that hall -in Manor House!

Ms Boateng’s N’kya collection was lovely and offered an array of beautifully made statement dresses and her handbag collection, new to Ghana Rising were fabulously on trend (see the bottom photo). For more info about N’kya visit:

The N’kya Bags Collection

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