Monday, 11 April 2011

Music: Sala (Sala Yak)

Salamatu Yakubu aka Sala is new to Ghana Rising’s radar -and I’m really excited about her. Not only is she talented, beautiful and most definitely one-to-watch, but I think Ghana needs someone like her, because we really don’t have, -bar Jane Awindor -stylish, chic, neat, media ready solo female artists in GH.

As for her management (Mr Duke Banson’s Paradise Entertainment) -all I can say is that after stumbling across this stunning chanteuse via facebook, -I had to search and search for up-to-date information concerning her music, website, fan page etc, etc -and that’s not good enough in my books! Anyway, as I’m writing an explosive piece about Ghana, the way it does business and its non existence relationship with press releases -will move on and talk about this hot singer.

I see big things for Sala and hope that her management manage to achieve international success with Sala -something that seems to elude the Ghanaian music industry. I feel that with a makeover, good fashion and hair stylists and a make-up artist on call 24/7 -the gorgeous Sala can achieve all her hearts desire -and be ready for mainstream take-over. Viva Sala xx

For more information about Sala visit:

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