Sunday, 23 January 2011

Phyllis Taylor’s Sika label is featured on Vogue Black…

Its good to see high-end fashion watchers celebrating designer Phyllis Taylor’s Sika label -but then why wouldn’t they? One of their writers is a big fan of mine and whatever I write about is usually written about a few months later -lovely. I’m soo pleased for Phyllis as Vogue Black is quiet hot and will endear her designs to a much wider audience. You can read all about it at:

P.s .....I remember writing a piece about another Ghanaian owned label, an accessories label to be exact-who got in touch with me about something I wrote about their label, thus I later informed them -they had been featured on Vogue Black -and guess what, they credited Vogue Black and just forgot to credit my blog! It amazes me how very vicious blogging can be! If I told you about some of the things I’ve gone through via this blog -I’ll be here all day, but the truth is, I enjoy blogging and serving Ghana and refuse to let those who are not sooo well brought up to hinder me, plus I have my focus and know exactly where Ghana Rising is heading. Thanks Paulina x

(Credit: Photo courtesy of Vogue Black)

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