Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lifestyle: LUXE Ghana...

"LUXE Concierge & Consulting is an American based company who focuses on delivering essential services to African residents, expats, jetsetters, foreign business personnel, and leisure travelers visiting the continent.

With years of experience in West Africa and abroad, we provide you with the epitome of great service, personnel, and goods. We turn your corporate life from stressful to relaxed and your personal life from basic to extravagant. Additionally, we are the most affordable luxury that you will ever find.

LUXE's goal is to provide Ghana's high end consumer market with the availability to buy or have any service/good that they are willing to pay for. LUXE wants to diminish the need to wait long periods of time, pay high fees, and have to settle for less. Our ultimate desire is to make the lives of individuals in West Africa hassle free and the availability."

For those of you who know the luxurious benefits of Concierge services –you too will be as excited as I am about LUXE Ghana! I haven’t seen their portfolio, –and thus I don’t really know what services they truly provide, -or cater for –but its promises some seriously decadent packages [the type I’m going to need very soon]. For more information about their services and membership packages please visit:

**Note: It’s very important to meet, greet and see the work of any Concierge provider –you are interested in. Yes you maybe busy, busy but these services are costly [membership is paid for annually] –and you don’t want to end up paying lots of money to join a 'club' that only provides; catering or nightclubbing services [trust me -it happens]. Most Concierge Services should be able to cover: property rental, make hotel reservations, order and send flowers [on demand], book flights, taxi reservation, Home Services [repair, cleaning, installations etc], assist with –appointments, shopping, find you a doctor, find you a dentist -24 hours a day, 7 days of the week etc. Yep, the possibilities should be endless, -so it’s vital to check them out -paaa ….….…x


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